Our intention – to welcome you to the Intention Bubbles Experience.

You have the power to set your intentions to co-create moments like this. What moments are looking for you to be created? Ready to create an amazing moment for yourself, a friend or for the world?


Our intention – together co-create powerful meaningful moments right now.

May you unleash your impact with your intentions and co-create more beautiful moments for all of us.

Join our community of powerful co-creators amplifying each other’s intentions.


Our intention – to invoke your curiosity to activate and ignite your intentions.

What is an Intention Bubble?

An Intention Bubble is an energy field that contains intentions. This field is constantly available for us to source from in manifesting our creations and thus be conscious of our innate intentions, tapping into our power.
Intention Bubbles LLC is an organization devoted to offering you the opportunity, community, and intention-setting technology to connect you to your full potential, possibilities, special abilities and genius gifts so you may fully express your intentions and make the difference in the world.
The technology of intentions is a complex energetic system with its own rules of functionality. The billions of Intention Bubbles on the planet are constantly interacting with your own bubble, and constantly impacting your life and you are impacting life with your intentions.
May you join our soul family of entrepreneurs, conscious co-creators and global change agents to impact our world as ONE.


Our intention – to provide learning resources and teachings to our community that will enhance your intention practices and manifestations.

Consider 3 ways to approach your learning:

On your own | One on one Learning | Group Learning


The Books – Get the fundamentals of the technology of Intention bubbles and how to use it in your life and business. View The Books
Practice makes perfect – use your intention practice to create the life and business “Moments” that matter to you the most


Deepest Intentions – Guided sessions to help you connect to your deepest intentions without having to know all the skills needed to master the Intention Bubbles technology and helping you integrate your intentions into your life and business. Click here to inquire


Join our group intention activities – including workshops, retreats, customized intention setting events.
Share your intentions – with our community of conscious co-creators to have the intentions amplified and rapidly manifested Request to join our Intention Bubbles Temple
Join our community – Share your insights, feedback, tips, ideas, successful practices and stories of beautiful manifested moments.
In Business – bring the Intention Bubbles Technology to your business, company, or project to align all intentions to co-create more powerfully. Request a FREE introduction to how you can use Intention Bubbles Technology in Business by requesting it here


Join Intention Bubbles Community Events


Our intention – unleash your power with your intention by co-creating with our community

Join “Let’s Bubble It Community” where you will have the opportunity to practice the intention setting technology, receive feedback and learn from your peers.



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Our Intention – to have you connect to us in a meaningful way, so we can co-create together.



Take a couple of minutes to be with me. Eye gazing. Notice how are you feeling? Notice what are you curious about? “Notice if you have any intentions for me.”


Click on the video below to receive my intentions & if you’d like amplify them. Together let’s co-create an impact.

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More About Steven
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About Us
More About Steven

Steven Ringelstein is a pioneer in bringing spirituality into the workplace, where he shares his spiritual gifts, intuition, and ability to communicate with all life into small businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, and multinational leadership teams. Steven is founder and CEO of Intention Bubbles LLC, a company that focuses on connecting individuals and organizations to their full potential and possibility—allowing them to express their innate intentions to make a difference in the world. Before founding Intention Bubbles LLC, Steven served as CEO of The Business Gym, a leadership development and transformation consulting firm.

Steven is considered an expert in strategy development, creating high-performance teams, and shifting organizational culture. He has 30 years of leadership, business, and consulting experience, and is skilled at helping his clients step into their personal power to increase individual and organizational impact. Steven has coached hundreds of clients—from C-level executives and their leadership teams, to entrepreneurs leading high-growth businesses.

Throughout his career, Steven has worked with highly technical and sophisticated management teams, in healthcare, aerospace, microprocessor, financial services, consumer products, and automotive industries. Past clients have included W. L. Gore, Kimberly-Clark, General Motors/Delphi, Autoliv, Motorola, Rubbermaid, Raytheon, Ford Aerospace, Talley Defense Systems, Boeing, GE, Intel, Microchip Technology, L’Oreal, LIfeCell and many more.

Steven holds an MBA and MIM from Thunderbird the Garvin School of International Management. He has a BBA in International Marketing & Management from The City of New York University. He holds numerous other professional degrees and training including finance, insurance, and the healing arts.

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About Us


Connect individuals and organizations to their full potential, possibilities, special abilities, genius gifts to manifest pristine, clear intentions that are in the highest alignment to positively impact our world.


To bring to birth, nurture and manifest pristine intentions in alignment with the creation of the most critical missions that will profoundly enhance the well-being of humanity, the animal kingdom and the planet using the Intention Bubbles Technology, the Law of One and the New Paradigm Matrix of Sacred Union Energetic.


All people will have the opportunity to unleash their full potential through the technology of intentions, creating a positive impact in their life and the world


  • Reduce suffering significantly
  • Amplify connection, joy, alignment, peace, unity
  • More authentic expression, freedom, empowerment, love, creation, collaboration, harmonious relationships, intimacy


  1. Be Accountable
  2. Act with transparency of intentions
  3. Promote interdependence/symbiotic relationships with all life
  4. Value diversity of gifts, talents, and views of others
  5. Operate with compassion, consideration and respect for all


The Intention Bubbles Book Series provides the foundation and hands on practices to learn mastering the technology of intentions. Each book has a different focus area with practical application. Although the books can be read in any order we recommend to follow the sequence they are presented as some of the practices are building on previous books skills.


Our intention – to provide learning resources and teachings to our community that will enhance your intention practices and manifestations.

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